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I've developed a model using Libsvm in Matlab. I've choose best parameters using CV and I obtained the model training the whole dataset. I use normalization to get better results:


 for i=1:size(TR,2)

Now how can I use directly my model to obtain classification for new data? I mean for records that haven't class label. Do I have to manually build functions from model information?

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Are you using libsvmtrain to train on your training data? If so, there is an output argument that you can use to classify test/future data. Then pass that output structure to svmpredict along with test data.

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Yes I'm using svmtrain to train data. I think that the output argument you're saying it's the model. But if I want to use svmpredict shouldn't have labelled data? If I have an unclassified new record do I have to label it with a random class and call svmpredict ? –  Lazza87 May 22 '12 at 16:43
Yes it's the model. And yes, if you don't have the label just pass in any random value - that argument is just to calculate accuracy anyway (in case the labels are known). –  Ansari May 22 '12 at 16:48

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