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Can I call a php function in a web server from objective-c? I need to call this function and in case pass the variables. Thanks.

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so you're trying to call a web service (written in PHP) from an iOS app ? –  Alnitak May 21 '12 at 15:01
That's what it sounds lik –  Cole Johnson May 21 '12 at 15:02
I have a question. What's the purpose of this? –  Cole Johnson May 21 '12 at 15:28
@Alnitak Yes, I must call a web server from an iOS app. –  Kerberos May 21 '12 at 15:36
@ColeJohnson I have a web server written in php that interacts with electronic hardware and I must control these from the iPhone –  Kerberos May 21 '12 at 15:36

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