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I have a problem. I have Alfresco 4. I'm create a rule(for INBOUND, OUTBOUND, UPDATE) and action for my scpecific folder. But when I hook the action in my java class(extending from ActionExecuterAbstractBase) I don't know, how to get status for node(what's happen - deleted, modified or created node). One way for resolved this problem - it's a comparison uploaded_date and modified_date properties from a node. But it's not good. If anyone know how to do it, please, answer. Thank you.

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2 ways to do this: 1) create 3 classes, which gets triggered by the right type.

2) I would just ad an extra parameter to your action, like status. And at the inbound rule just set inbound, etc. Then you can read the action.getParameterValue (check the Custom Actions Wiki).

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