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has anyone used JavaCV ?

I am trying to achieve a blur around the margins of a custom shaped figure which is actually an image with transparency around that figure? I keep getting this error each time I use the blur() function : java.lang.RuntimeException: vector::_M_fill_insert, still I used cvSmooth but it just blurs the entire image... so is there any way in JavaCV you can add feathering or some kind of blurring around a custom shaped image... it is a pretty huge library with a lot of functions ... so I figured it has to offer something...

I haven't found any kind of documentation for JavaCV ...

Thank you.

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  1. Create a copy of Src Image cvCloneImage()
  2. Blur the clone image cvSmooth()
  3. Add srcImage to blued Image cvAdd()
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Hello, well I managed to achieve something ...but my idea is to achieve a blur only for the alpha channel (as adding feathering around the countor of the transparent part...) so I did manage to use cvSplit to split my channels and added the smooth for the alpha channel...I did achieve a blur effect around the margins ... but the big problem is that it messes up the margins as well as instead of making only the alpha channel vary it adds a lot on the margins which makes no sense...because it shouldn't change the color. please let me know if you can help ... I can also provide images. –  cataHHH May 26 '12 at 14:51
@cataHHH I want to add a logo to a IplImage. For this I use cvAdd(_input1, _input2, _result,null). This function litreally adds the two images and gives the resultant color. I simply wish to add an overlay to _input1. Can you please help me. I am using JavaCv and ANdroid. –  Parth Kapoor May 12 '14 at 14:30

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