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I'd like to know how to perform a faceted search using lucene.facet. I'll explain exactly what I want to do: I've got a taxonomy of htmlfiles (similar to ODP) and I want that, given a query, display results by categories and number of hits per category. Is there any example describing that with lucene?

Edit: I already get results as categories by adding a category field in each document. What i want is that results appear as:

Cat1 N1
Cat2 N2

Instead of:

...    xN1 times
...    xN2 times

Also, this category field only refers to a level of the taxonomy tree and I want to exploit the taxonomy structure by, for example, being able to select the depth of the search in the taxonomy (I don't know if this is clear..).

Thank you!

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I'll take a look, thanks – synack May 21 '12 at 16:40

Since solr and lucene are merged together since 3.0 anyway, I would strongly recommend to use solr instead of plain lucene to do facetted search.

You do not have to use the whole solr with a http server.

Try an EmbeddedSolrServer

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