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Say, I want to modify mmap. So I create a new shared object file for that purpose and use LD_PRELOAD to use it instead of the original mmap. However, I need to refer to a variable which is my program files. How can I do that? I read somewhere about weak references. Is that the way to do that. I don't think you can use extern because you compile the shared library separately than your program. Any advice on this?

Secondly, does LD_PRELOAD only affects the usage of mmap in your code, or also for example mmap called from within the standard library that your code utilizes?

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Do you have the source of your program ? If yes, why do you want to use LD_PRELOAD instead of overwriting mmap() ? – dwalter May 21 '12 at 16:11

Using LD_PRELOAD will affect any call to function that has to be located dynamically, regardless of whether it is in your own code or in a shared library loaded by your code. You can use LD_DEBUG to see exactly where things are finding symbols. Take a look at:

$ LD_DEBUG=help ls

This will show you the available debugging options. Note that ls here could be any dynamically linked executable.

I'm not sure entirely sure about the first part of your question. Have you tried using dlsym() to look up the variable?

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