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I building an iPhone webb app based on iWebKit's framework. I'm currently integrating a CSS div slider to improve the navigation between pages (divs) and everything works fine except one thing.

It appears as if I'm supposed to set a fixed height value to the div containing the sliding objects. These objects will contain quite a lot of content and wary in size, hence the divs/page have to expand vertically by default. For some reason, it appears as if the browser interprets min-height as height and doesn't expand the div to display all content. I realize there's probably a small mistake somewhere, something I have forgotten to add or remove. Please help me by pointing these out for me. Thanks

Wrapper containing the slides:

#contentWrapper {
float: left;
position: relative;
display:block !important;

Class added on every sliding obj

.additional-block {
position: absolute;
display:block !important;

Live demo: Click on "Click" to see the actual issue appearing; the text is cut off below 305 px. The issue appears in all browsers including Safari for iPhone.

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It's the overflow: hidden on your "content2" div that's conflicting here. Setting that means that the container can overflow, so it does. (Removing the min-height will show you that it would be 0 pixels high otherwise.)

Removing the overflow setting will have the effect I think you want.

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Thanks @Johno for your quick response. However, that won't quite do it. Removing overflow:hidden means the page will display veritical and horizontal scrollbars. If i set overflow-x: to hidden. A veritical scrollbar will appear in the top right corner which underlines that the fact that this is not solving the actual issue but merely improving it. – Jonathan May 21 '12 at 16:13

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