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I'm trying to decide which mime type to choose for returning mp3 data (served up by php)

according to this listing of mime types:

.mp3    audio/mpeg3
.mp3    audio/x-mpeg-3
.mp3    video/mpeg
.mp3    video/x-mpeg

What are the difference between these, and which should I use?

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Your best bet would be using the RFC defined mime-type audio/mpeg.

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Chrome 26 knows better and uses audio/mp3... Go figure. – Nux Apr 5 '13 at 11:31
Here is the Chromium bug, he just turned 3 today. I'm sure he's going to stick around for a few more years, so smile and wish him a happy birthday. :) – jgillich Apr 5 at 20:39

I had a problem with mime types and where making tests for few file types. It looks like each browser sends it's variation of a mime type for a specific file. I was trying to upload mp3 and zip files with open source php class, that what I have found:

  • Firefox (mp3): audio/mpeg
  • Firefox (zip): application/zip
  • Chrome (mp3): audio/mp3
  • Chrome (zip): application/octet-stream
  • Opera (mp3): audio/mp3
  • Opera (zip): application/octet-stream
  • IE (mp3): audio/mpeg
  • IE (zip): application/x-zip-compressed

So if you need several file types to upload, you better make some tests so that every browser could upload a file and pass mime type check.

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Use .mp3 audio/mpeg, that's the one I always used. I guess others are just aliases.

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You should always use audio/mpeg, because firefox cannot play audio/mpeg3 files

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Firefox doesn't like audio/mp3 either – Adria Nov 17 '14 at 18:51

The standard way is to use audio/mpeg which is something like this in your PHP header function ...

header('Content-Type: audio/mpeg');

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