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I have a webpage containing input tags like the one below eg.

<input value='Cut' name='container_cut_button' type='submit/>
<input value='Copy' name='container_copy_button' type='submit/>

I want to put these into a dropdown, I was hoping it would be something simple like

<select onchange='submit()'>
   <option name='container_cut_button'>Cut</option>
   <option name='container_copy_button'>Copy</option>

but no such luck,

Anyone have any ideas about how this could be done?

Thanks in advance

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Use the "value" attribute of the options rather than their name.

<select name="action">
  <option value="cut_item">Cut</option>
  <option value="save_item">Save</option>

On the server, you'll check the value of the variable "action." It will be either "cut_item" or "save_item".

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the problem is that the dropdown is going to have numerous different name attributes eg. container_cut_button (cuts content on the page) container_copy_button (copies content on the page)' so I had hoped it would be as easy as putting the name attributes into the <option> tags but no joy. –  mark Jul 1 '09 at 13:20
Use "value" instead of "name" on the options. –  Jonathan Sampson Jul 1 '09 at 13:29
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I called a javascript function in the select tag ie. onchange="exec(value)", the function gets the select id and inserts the proper name attribute based on it value.

function exec(val){
    document.getElementById("action").setAttribute("name", "cut")

This worked out ok

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