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I have a BAT file that runs a script on oracle :

sqlplus myuser/mypassword@mydatabase @C:\runthisfile.sql

I want to distribute this to other users (that don't necessarily know how to modify a BAT file).

I want the dos prompt to ask the user to enter their user and password (obviously I don't want to give them my connection details). Have tried all types of combination but all that happens is that I end up with SQL>......

Am stumped!

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You can use the SET command with the /P argument in order to prompt the user for text during a batch file run, for example:

SET /P variable=Please enter text

This will then fill variable with whatever they type before hitting return.

SET /P uname=Username:
SET /P pass=password:

This is a simple program which will prompt the first for a username, then a password. You should then be able to pass this as an argument to sqlplus:

sqlplus %uname%/%pass%@mydatabase @C:\runthisfile.sql
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Regarding with SQLPlus stop, doing nothing:

Sometimes SQLPlus finish with ... meaning that is waiting for something more.

Try to add "/" (without quotes) in the end of your SQL file to execute it.

I hope it will help...

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