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I'm from eclipse to emacs, and don't used to the behavior of M-f and M-b.

See the following javascript code:

module.controller('Front', ['$scope', function($scope){

When I use Ctrl+right, the cursor will jump to the | in the code:

|module|.|controller|('|Front|', |['|$scope|', |function|(|$scope|){|

and when I use Ctrl+left, the cursor will jump from right to left in these | positions.

But in emacs, M-f is different:

module|.controller|('Front|', ['$scope|', function|($scope|){

How to configure emacs to let M-f is exactly the same as eclipse's Ctrl+right, and M-b is the same as Ctrl+left?

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I think these functions do what you want:

(defun eclipse-forward-word ()
  (let ((go-back (looking-at-p "\\W")))
    (when go-back

(defun eclipse-backward-word ()
  (let ((go-forward (looking-at-p "\\<")))
    (when go-forward

(global-set-key (kbd "<C-left>") 'eclipse-backward-word)
(global-set-key (kbd "<C-right>") 'eclipse-forward-word)
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