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I am new to dealing with SQL Express DB tables. I have a Windows application that gives the user a textbox that is bound to a value in my dataset (ds) which reflects my SQL table (Specs) field. The user can change the numeric value of the textbox and I can see by setting breakpoints that it created the new value in my dataset (I used MsgBox(Ds.Specs.Rows(0).Item(10) to determine this to be true). However, when I open the application back up, the OLD value appears again in the text box. It is like my dataset is not updating the SQL server table.

Again, I am new to SQL tables and allowed the wizard to create all my insert/update/delete statements which appear to be in place. Any idea why my values won't stick?


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Going to need to see some code to give you an answer. – Abe Miessler May 21 '12 at 16:50

Once the element is put in there has to be a database submitChanges() function that has to be called to actually store your new information Im not sure exactly what the command is in VB but in c# its OnItemSubmitt(). Its all .NET so the command should be the same.

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Found out the issue... when I bound the textbox to the datatable, it created a copy of the dataset called ds1. It works now, but any idea why it would do that??? I don't have another similarly-named bindingsource or tableadapter... – user898642 May 22 '12 at 12:24

In .NET, you'll want to be sure to call the function AcceptChanges() on the Dataset object. This saves information that has changed since it was loaded or since the last time AcceptChanges() was called.

Some information can be found here on the function, and an example of its use.

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