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I'd really like to be using the R#r test running for my javascript unittests. R#r 7 EAP recognizes the tests but when I launch them the runner shows '... Test wasn't run' for all tests.

I can't find any info on what the R#r test runner expects in terms of configuration/directory structure.

Directory structure and sample test posted here

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A basic/hardcoded jasmin unit test does work under R#r 7 EAP. This implies that jasmine is baked in to R#r i guess. Have an open question regarding same.

describe('resharper jasmine testrunner', function () {
    describe('simplest possible test', function () {
        it('should execute', function() {

Got a pointer on the R#r forum that doc comment references are your 'includes' (or jsTestDriver.conf equiv).

/// <reference path="../../libs/testing/jasmine/jasmine.js"/>
/// <reference path="../../libs/crunch/jquery-1.6.2.js"/>

Have yet to get my real tests passing though the now run. Investigating fixture paths next.

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I'm not sure how advanced of a solution/structure you're looking for, as I just started looking into this myself, but i have a simple example test "working"*... (using Resharper 7 EAP As far as i know, you can structure your test files anyway/where you want, as long as you include references to all of its dependencies with <reference path="foo/path/file.js" />)

*These pass inside the ReSharper unit tests session window. The browser does not show me any sort of test info but rather a blank screen with some jasmine-related html in the source.


function Cheese() {
    return {
        isGood: true


/// <reference path="/scripts/cheese.js"/>
describe('simplest possible test', function() {
    var cheese = null;
    it('cheese is good', function() {
        cheese = new Cheese();

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My attempts at using reference path caused tests to fail. Yours is root relative. I'll give that a try and report back. Addtl info in my R#r forum post. Any chance you are able to debug your javascript under the test runner? – John Dhom Jun 5 '12 at 15:04
For me, the debug option in the test runner is disabled. – bluevoodoo1 Jun 5 '12 at 15:48
True... using other runners you simply set a breakpoint using the browser debugger. The R#r runner is launching a new browser instance per run making this technique invalid. – John Dhom Jun 19 '12 at 17:58
This example works for me, but when the test fails (e.g. asserting toBe(false)) the resharper runner is showing me an output of "undefined" "Exception doesn't have a stacktrace". Do you get a better error? – mikebridge Aug 3 '12 at 20:00
@mikebridge I've solved exactly same issue. Fortunately it's already fixed in the Re# 7.1. See… – zbynour Nov 1 '12 at 6:44

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