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I have a script that creates a table like this:

class TableClass < Table  
    members :hello, :hallo, :halo  

This script creates a table with columns labeled "hello", "hallo", and "halo". I would like to dynamically declare the "members" portion so that I could use results generated by a different script to initialize this table. I am pretty new to Ruby and extremely new to the concept of metaprogramming, but I feel like this must be doable, I just don't know how yet.

After declaring:

ListOfMembers= [:hello, :hallo, :halo]

I have tried:

members ::ListOfMembers


members eval ::ListOfMembers.join(",")

to no avail, and I am unsure of what to search for to figure this out. All of the metaprogramming examples I have found revolve around class methods and don't seem relevant to this problem.

Scrapping this class structure would probably be the best way to do this, but I am trying to work with existing scripts as best I can.

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ListOfMembers isn't actually a 'class' here, it's just an Array. What error are you getting? It seems to me you're probably giving the members method the wrong type of collection. Try feeding it a Hash instead. –  Nate Berkopec May 21 '12 at 17:09

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Just add * to the array name and the method is passed each element as separate argument.

members *ListOfMembers
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Thank you! That is exactly what I needed. –  Noah May 21 '12 at 17:17

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