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I'm using google directions in order to get a route with waypoints. I have the name of the waypoints from an previous call to the Places Api. The problem is that if I make this call:


it returns a route. But if Cluj-Napoca National Theatre is added to waypoints and the call looks like this:


it doesn't work. The response has no results. { "routes" : [], "status" : "ZERO_RESULTS" }

Can anyone please help me understand why isn't this working? Ps: with Cluj-Napoca+International+Airport,RO added instead of Cluj-Napoca+National+Theatre,RO waypoint it works.

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You can try adding the coordinates of the waypoint, instead of adding the name of them.

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Yes. The directions service uses the geocoder and can't find businesses, only postal addresses (including towns). –  Andrew Leach May 21 '12 at 18:12
Using coordinates is a better approach. The JavaScript API for the DirectionsService includes a google.maps.DirectionsWaypoint class and it doesn't have any type of name property; it has a location property which is a LatLng. –  Sean Mickey May 21 '12 at 18:43

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