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I have data of events in time. At the moment they are represented by (black) markers, at y = 1 on a scatter plot where the x-axis is time. Unfortunately there is uncertainty in x of about 2 hours. So I want to turn my black markers into more like grey sausage shapes - where there is an equal probability of the event occurring at each point in time in that 2 hours, and the shading is not black such that when all the events are plotted I can see the density building up at different points in time.

Any idea how I blur my precise markers over time into differentially-shaded uniform-probability sausages?

Thanks very much and let me know if this is not clearly stated as a question.

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One option is to create an ordinal-number transfomation of your time variable and replace it as your x-axis variable. As far as changing the shading, ODS might have some simpler methods, but what I have usually done is define symbols, axes, legends, and titles directly after a GOPTIONS statement and before the plotting procedure. The SAS website has examples of this type of code. - BTW, is the phrase "uniform-probability sausage" routinely used these days? I would have paid more attention in stats had sausage been discussed. – RWill May 21 '12 at 22:36
Hello - thanks very much for your reply. Could I ask you to explain the ordinal number thing a bit more clearly? No, I made up the probability sausage... – SAS_learner May 22 '12 at 9:32

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