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Using the code from this page to start with:

I am trying to find out what needs to be added to support two more features:
a) Be able to multi-select and move items all together.
b) Be able to do the moving on a single item when we double click on it.

Any more information, reading material, to help with two questions above that can put me on the right track are much appreciated.


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Set the MultiSelect = True in the designer. This allows you to select > 1 items.

I'm not sure what you mean "Be able to do the moving on a single item when we double click on it". It sounds like you want to move an item from one ListView to another when you double-click it. In that case, create a copy of the ListViewItem you double-clicked in the double-click event (I think it's e.Item, maybe?) and then add it or insert it into the other list in the code-behind. If you want to delete it from the list you double-clicked on, just use MyListView.RemoveAt and pass the index of that item.

This isn't too bad to write, code-wise, so I won't write out all the steps. But that's what you'll want to do, step-wise.

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