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Currently I am searching through my list to find Customers that match on Address. I need to match on both address and city. How do I rewrite my lambda Expression to match both criteria?

CustomerList.FindAll(Function(c) c.Address = addressToMatch)

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Welcome to SO. =) – Yatrix May 21 '12 at 20:46
Thanks, I like it here =-) – Princess Sep 18 '12 at 15:47
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The keyword you are looking for is AndAlso. It combines two separate checks into a single one which evaluates to True iff both components are also True

CustomerList.FindAll(Function(c) c.Address = addressToMatch AndAlso c.City = cityToMatch)
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Thanks for the quick reply, works great – Princess May 21 '12 at 17:24

There is a nuget package that allows you to search for strings across multiple properties

This will allow the following code...

                    Function(c) c.Address, 
                    Function(c) c.City)

When connected to a sql database, the sql produced will be similar to:

SELECT [Extent1].[Address] AS [Address], 
       [Extent1].[City] AS [City]
FROM   [dbo].[Table] AS [Extent1]
WHERE ([Extent1].[Address] LIKE N'%searchTerm%') 
   OR ([Extent1].[City] LIKE N'%searchTerm%') 

Hope this helps

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