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I'm using powershell v1.0 and having a problem terminating a 'here string', the console remains on >> unless I do a CTRL-C at which point I lose the variable:

$test = @"
>> a
>> multiline
>> string
>> "@

How should I properly terminate a 'here string' in powershell v1.0?

I've also tried single quotes '@ to no avail.

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It seems you have the @ on the wrong side of the quotation mark in your question. I'm able to just hit the return key a couple of times after the ending "@ and it ends.

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Thanks, that was it, you just have to keep hitting return, I was expecting "@ to close it immediately. –  79E09796 May 22 '12 at 12:03

Make sure the closing part ("@) begins the line and contains no leading spaces.

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