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I have made a class :

public class Node
    public int Id { get; set; }
    public string Name { get; set;}
    public List<Node> Successor { get; set; }


and in some method i want to do the following

partice.path= new  LinkedList<Node>();

but i cant reach the ".elementat()" method and other extensions.

ps: all the classes above are in silverlight class library,i don't know if it is relevant to the error.

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It's not clear if you're using the framework classes (as suggested in the title) or your own class, given your Node declaration...

If you're using the framework classes, make sure to include:

using System.Linq;

At the top of your file. Also, make sure to include a reference to System.Core.dll in your project.

If you're using your own class, and you want to use the Enumerable.ElementAt extension method, you need to make your class implement IEnumerable<T>.

That being said, you might want to just use the framework's LinkedList<T> class instead of rolling your own...

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