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I was in >Exten >DocMan >Category and I was created a new subfoler. No problem. Then, I went to the subfolder and tried to create a subfolder under it.

Example:          Node Tree:
Animals SM         (A)
.-Mammal M           (B)
..-Domestic CF         (C)
...-Cat F                (D)
...-Dog F                (D)
....-Herders ACE           (E)
....-Sporting BOJ          (E)
....-Terriers PSP          (E)
.....-Cairn ROR              (F)
.....-Pitbull RCF            (F)
.....-Yorkshire RMR          (F)

First, I created (E) Terriers PSP. Checked site, all good. Then, I created (F) Yorkshire RMR. (instead of checking the box and hitting "add", I clicked the link big mistake)

Category Title:  Yorkshire
Category Name: Yorkshire
Parent Item: Mammals (*big mistake*)
Ordering: Mammals (*big mistake*)

Now, my whole Mammals folder is GONE.

Can someone please help?

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Have you tried to delete your subfolder via the backend or directly in the database?

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