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I have a simple task: parse milliseconds of a day to LocalTime which will represent certain time in a day. I was thinking about that:

int averageLeavingMillis = 73123961 // 20:18:xx.xxx
LocalTime localTime = new LocalTime(new Long(averageLeavingMillis))

But when I print localTime I receive: 21:18:43.961 what is one hour more that I was expecting. Am I missing something with time zones? Or how should I convert milliseconds of a day to LocalTime?

Thanks, Mateo

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Use DateTimeZone.UTC in cinstructor

int averageLeavingMillis = 73123961;     
LocalTime lt = new LocalTime(new Long(averageLeavingMillis), DateTimeZone.UTC);


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Thanks, this working nicely!;-) –  kuceram May 23 '12 at 7:55

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