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I have this function for decoding gzipped files,

function gzipDecode($d) {
    $f = ord(substr($d, 3, 1));
    $h = 10;
    $e = 0;
    if($f&4) {
        $e = unpack('v', substr($d, 10, 2));
        $e = $e[1];
        $h += 2 + $e;
    if($f&8) {
        $h = @strpos($d, chr(0), $h) + 1;
    if($f&16) {
        $h = strpos($d, chr(0), $h) + 1;
    if($f&2) {
        $h += 2;
    $u = @gzinflate(substr($d, $h));
    if($u == false) {
        $u = $d;
    return $u;

It works as expected but I turned on error reporting and I get these two errors

Warning: strpos(): Offset not contained in string


Warning: gzinflate(): data error

These warnings refer to the bits of code above that have been error supressed, have any idea on how I can fix them?


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Just use gzdecode() or one of the various user-land implementations. Also you probably wouldn't want to have zero error messages for corrupt input data. – mario May 21 '12 at 18:02
How can I enable that it says undefined function I have private hosting? – cgwebprojects May 21 '12 at 18:17

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Have you tried simply using gzdecode()?

Your header decoding looks correct. You should check that your gzip stream is really starting where you think it does by checking the first three bytes for 0x1f, 0x8b, 8.

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