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Okay, I have two view page in Total. I am using area in this project. In the first view page, I have View and Partial view which is working fine. From the first View Page, the user click the submit button and the controller's action get called. In the return of the action method, I return RedirectToAction("Controller","ActionName", TempData[Model]). So it direct to the action Name and in the front end it still goes back to the first View. How can I make to go to the second view page since the Action Name of the RedirectToAction returns the second View Page. please help me, Hope you understand my question. Here is the code snippet. What happens is that the second view is merged into the first view. How to program to route to the second view? please answer my question asap.


$('#btnSubmit').live('click', function () {

    var formProceed = $('#formProceed');
    var url = formProceed.attr("action");

    $.post(url, formProceed.serialize(), function (response) {




    public ActionResult BookingDetails()
        if (TempData["BookingDetailsModel"] != null)

            return View(TempData["BookingDetailsModel"]);
         return View();


    public ActionResult ProceedBooking(AvailableRoomModel availableRoomModel)

        ReservationService = new ReservationService();

        var booking = (Booking)Session["Booking"];
        booking.TotalBookedRoomTypes = availableRoomModel.SearchResult;
        ReservationService = new ReservationService();

        var bookingDetails = ReservationService.GetBookingDetails(booking);
        var model=getReservationDetailVm(bookingDetails);

        TempData["BookingDetailsModel"] = model;

        return RedirectToAction("BookingDetails", "Booking");


The big problem is it doesn't redirect to the second view page, but still goes to the first view page. How can i code to achieve to go to the second view page . And another problem is that since I am using Area, for links like Home and About, it is working fine at first. But after you clicked the area's clink, then if you link the Home link, it won't work any more, Because it remembers the area's name can append to the Home link. Is there any tip to overcome this problem? please help me asap. Thanks.

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Are you using Ajax call? – Asif Mushtaq May 21 '12 at 18:40
You're using an ajax call, that's why it doesn't redirect. – Gabe May 21 '12 at 19:43
I am not using Ajax call, I am using method call Is there any way to redirect by using please kindly let me know the code snippet how to achieve redirect. When I did windows.location in the jQuery function result, it call back to the actionmethod in the controlled without getting the Model. So I cannot get the model to bind. Please let me know what is the clean solution to achieve this. Thanks. – Tin May 22 '12 at 2:22
@Gabe, could you kindly guide me how to code to achieve the redirection of second page on call method? or IS there any better call from client side, rather than ? When I tried to do Window.location = url; on the call result like $.post(url, formProceed.serialize(), function (response) {Window.location = url; }); Then, it redirects to the second page. But I don't get the DetailBooking Model properties . So I have no idea how to redirect to second page on Jquery.Post() and Goggling also no luck for me. Thanks! – Tin May 22 '12 at 5:35

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