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I try to use Facebook C# SDK to get public account feed and somehow skip Facebook popup login window stage.

So when I do this


It returns the feed of MYAPPLICATION1 (Look at the image below.)

But I want to get a real feed of the account. (It is possible to get it via https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer but I have to login!)

So here is my questtion: How do I can get the account feed?

Have I login? If I have how do I can implement it inside of WFP DLL? (I don't use WebBrowser control. No chances to use UI to login.)

Thank you!

enter image description here

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i'm not sure why it does not work for you, but it worked for me:

  1. Go to Graph API Explorer
  2. Select your app in the dropdown
  3. Click "Get Access Token"
  4. Select "read_stream" permission on "Extended Permissions" tab and click "Get token"
  5. Open this URL: https://graph.facebook.com/my_user_profile_id/feed?access_token=TOKEN_YOU_GOT_JUST_NOW

I get my feed back.

After that you can extend your token to 60 days as described here (see section 4): https://developers.facebook.com/roadmap/offline-access-removal

then write it in DB (or hardcode) in your WPF dll.

UPDATE - another idea - did you try to get access token for your APP - see https://developers.facebook.com/docs/authentication/applications/? If your logic will work with app's access token - then it will be good forever.

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Sorry but I am talking about other thing. I mean I cannot get real account feed under Facebook C# SDK. And to do it I have to popup Facebook dialog window! So I am asking if I can skip this popup and send login/username via HTTPS or somehow and login. This is the problem. In fact I don't need any application feed that we can see under Graph API Explorer. I need access to the "normal" feed without popup login window. –  Clark Kent May 21 '12 at 19:19
you can't do that - you can't send login/password to FB server because you are not allowed to proxy them as per FB policy: developers.facebook.com/policy - section II, item 2 –  avs099 May 21 '12 at 21:12

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