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Is this possible?

var results = (from c in
               where c.strap == somevalue
               select c).include("characteristics).where(characteristics.cat_cd != 'DD');

essentially I want to create this query. I will be include(ing) other tables as the app grows.

select * from properties p,characteristics c
p.strap = c.strap
and c.cat_cd <> 'DD'
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You simply make a join statement:

var set = from property in _context.Properties
          join characteristic in _context.Characteristcs on property.strap equals characteristic.strap
          select new 
              Property = property,
              Characteristic = characteristic
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But you are declaring the on clause. I would like to avoid that and have EF handle the relationship and I would apply the filter. – Mr. Manager May 21 '12 at 19:40
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Here's what I learned.

var results = (from c in
               where c.Characteristics.Any(c=>c.cat_cd == "DD") select c);
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