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I have a grayscale image, which I convert to black and white image, and do some processing on it. After the processing, I have a black and white image which has groups of white pixels in a black image. So I want to place circles around the areas which are white in resultant image, but in original image. I have thought of many approaches but am still unable to start with any approach. Please help.

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You can use regionprops to get some statistics about connected white regions in a binary image, and estimate a region radius from that.

im = imread('moon.jpg');
bw = im2bw(im);

stats = regionprops(bw);

hold on;

t = 0:.01:2*pi;
for i = 1:numel(stats)
    bb = stats(i).BoundingBox;
    radius = mean([bb(3),bb(4)])/2;

    plot(bb(1)+radius+radius*sin(t), bb(2)+radius+radius*cos(t));

Gives: Image

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This is it! that's what I wanted :) Although I can not +1 it because I do not have stupid rep points yet :( Thanks anyway – Adee May 22 '12 at 4:55

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