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I am using Telerik Combobox with EnableLoadONLoad = True i.e. Everytime end user type a letter, server side event kicks in to pull records for that word. For example, In the dropdown box, if I type America then the system will search for A then AM then AME and so on... and brings results that matches those letters. So, in the case above, the system will ick server side event 7 times. Now the problem is search functinality takes a while (anywhere from 5 - 10 seconds to pull records.. beyond my control :( ) What I want is when end user type something , I want to wait for a second to see if user is still typing. After a second, I want the system to go for search. Hoping that within a second, end user will type whatever they need to. Now I can force the user to type minimum 5 letters and so on but end user can search with a single letter or multiple letters. They don't want to be resricted with no. of letters due to business requirements.

I hpoe this makes sense.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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You can just specify an 'ItemRequestTimeout' in milliseconds of 1000 which will tell the combobox to wait 1 second before firing to the server.

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The itemRequestTimeout on their comboboxes is 300 by default which is 3 tenths of a second. doing what Brian Suggested would work, but I have found that the default is usually enough time before it causes the postback.

Also if you incorporate MarkFirstMatch="true" for the ComboBoxes it will automatically go to the item that matches the text if it exists.


This should give you some other options as well.

But as far as forcing the user to enter 5 letters before the postback occurs, You would probably need to do onkeyup and onkeydown javascript events to check if they have entered 5 characters and then you could cause the postback.
Or you could use the OnClientkeyPressing property of the Telerik comboboxes to do the check.

 function OnClientKeyPressing(comboBox, args)
       if (comboBox.get_text().length > 4) {
         //Do postback here

Something like that would do what you want I believe.

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