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In the show action, there is logic that requires me to define:

@object.nested_object.new (or @object.nested_object.build or @object.nested_object.create)

However, when it's time to show a list of the nested_objects using something like:

@object.nested_objects.each do |nested_objects|

There is an extra line item for the temporary nested object created with @object.nested_object.new.

Is there a way to forcefully remove that temporary object before I display the list of the actual nested_objects?

Or is there another way of accomplishing the following:

-creating a temporary nested_object for logic tests
-showing a list of nested_objects

I've tried stuff like:

temp_nested_object = @object.nested_object.new

but wasn't successful.

Thanks for your time!

UPDATE: I'm trying to accomplish this:

<% if can? :create, @project.tasks.build %>

From here: https://github.com/ryanb/cancan/wiki/Nested-Resources I've tried to find other ways of accomplishing this: https://github.com/ryanb/cancan/issues/608 but seems like I need to workaround it in the view.

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First you should not create a temporary object.

if you follow the previous advice, simply do:

@object.nested_objects.select(&:persisted?).each do |nested_objects|

This will filter objects from your db (no need to delete a temporary object, it will disappear at the end of the request).

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I really like the persisted? method. I definitely don't want to create a temporary object, but can't find a way around it. I'm trying to accomplish this:<% if can? :create, @project.tasks.build %> from the documentation: github.com/ryanb/cancan/wiki/Nested-Resources If you know a better way of accomplishing this, then I'd definitely love to hear it. Thanks again for your valuable input! –  A L May 24 '12 at 20:29
when you build a temporary object, it is not persisted. So it's fine. Consider upvoting if you like the idea –  apneadiving May 24 '12 at 20:34
Do you think there's a way of getting around using build? –  A L May 24 '12 at 20:41
I don't understand your question. if you use build the resulting object will respond false to persisted? isn't it what you want? –  apneadiving May 24 '12 at 20:42
Yes, persisted? is exactly what I want. But it's a by-product of using build earlier due to CanCan. I was wondering if you knew of a way to use CanCan, without using build so I can avoid having to use persisted? Trying to nib the issue at the bud sort of thing. Just wondering. Thanks! I'm going to accept your answer now. –  A L May 24 '12 at 20:45

One possibility is to just remove it from the collection with:

# Remove last object in collection
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