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I'm having an strange problem when trying to create a java.util.Date object from a long value representing another one but in milis, In my server I'm sending the following value 1337621330502 wich represents : a java.sql.Timestamp 2012-05-21 12:28:50.502. Now in a client I'm parsing some data and retreiving that date from a JSONObject, and then creating a date like this:

workItem.setActivityStartDate(new Date(workItemJson.getLong("activityStartDate")));

Where workItemJson.getLong("activityStartDate"), returns 1337621330502, however the date created adds 1 hour to the original value, Mon May 21 13:28:50 America/New_York 2012. Why is happening this? Date format or something similar?. Isn't timeInMilis the same value regarding the timeZone or any other factor that could affect the time? Thanks a lot.

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Server doesn't have daylight savings and your computer does have daylight savings, possibly? –  jsn May 21 '12 at 19:38
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The server and client are probably running in different locales, check Locale.getDefault() to see the difference.

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