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Does anyone know how I can create a stored procedure within mysql workbench? I would like to get to know and use them but how do I store the one(s) I create so that I can then call them? In workbench or within my php code would be better.

update thought I might share this link as it might come in handy to anyone viewing this

Stored Procedures in MySQL and PHP how to article

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What have you tried? There are lots of tutorials out there, and the manual is pretty accessible. – eggyal May 21 '12 at 21:57
eggyal has the right sentiment but a poor choice of link. We are talking about the application MySQL Workbench. Routines and MySQL Workbench. Begin reading here to see how MySQL Workbench handles stored procedures. – demongolem Sep 4 '12 at 13:02

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to add a stored procedure in Mysql workbench:

1) Click the triangle in the left of your database: you should see tables, views, and routines

2) Right click on routines -> Create procedure

You're done :)

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Thanks for this, much appreciated – Simon Davies Feb 12 '13 at 10:48

Within the EER diagram:

  • Click the Place a New Routine Group toolbar icon, and
  • Place the routine group.
  • Double click the resulting rectangle to edit it.
  • Go to the Group: Routines tab and
  • Click the bottom Routine Group tab to edit the group or
  • Click the bottom Routines tab to edit the actual routines.

Alternatively, from the Model diagram, click the Add Group icon under Routine Groups heading then click the Add Routine under the Routines heading.


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