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How can I export data from Oracle 8i database using command which I can run through oracle cli? My biggest problem is, the data should be exported based in the query I use... For ex,

select * from emp where emp_id>4

should dump the records having emp_id>4.

I don't have permission to use functions. Please help!!

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You need to upgrade to a supported version (i.e. one from this century) now. – a_horse_with_no_name May 21 '12 at 21:35

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Oracle provides a set of tools that are designed for exporting data (the exp tool, for instance). These don't run via the SQL*PLUS command line (which I assume is what you mean by CLI), although they do connect via NET*8. From Oracle 8i onwards, you can use the query parameter to limit the rows exported:

exp scott/tiger tables=emp query="where deptno=10"

But you have to have the Oracle client installed and be able to connect to the database via SQL*NET.

If all you have is the ability to run queries, you're out of luck unless you can write a query that generates a CSV (tricky if you don't have the ability to call/write functions). It sounds to me like all you have access to is a web interface.

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