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I'm very new to greendroid and I had a quick look on its functionalities. If I want to develop with the android 4 sdk does it still make sense to use greendroid? Is that gonna work? For example let's take the ActionBar. There's one in greendroid but android 4 has now that functionality too so what? Of course it's only one element but is there still an advantage to use greendroid when the base sdk is android 4?

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isn't this library intended to support older versions (like 2.x and below) ? if so (and my guess is that it is ) : if you don't wish to allow such devices to be able to run your app , then you don't need this library .

otherwise , if you wish to have the action bar functionality , you should consider using it (or any other solution for the action bar , like the action bar sherlock or the android library that google gives.) .

most devices today do not have a new version of android . currently , most of them run version 2.x . here's the current statistics:

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