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Must 'gamekit' entry in UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities be present to game center to work? I've been posting scores to leaderboard, from three different accounts, on three different devices, but the scores never shows up. and all of them says "Not Ranked"

It is frustrating. My currently submitted App (still waiting for the review) does not have 'gamekit' entry in UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities in plist.

Is that why? or that does not matter?

Any help appreciated in advance!

frustrated in new york.

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My app isn't submitted yet but it successfully submits scores in sandbox mode. Also achievements. And it does not include anything about gamekit or game center in the required device capabilities.

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oh well, what do you know. It started working right after I posted this question. hah!

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And what was the cause of starting it to work? –  Maxim Mikheev May 23 '12 at 5:34

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