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I have two fields with a string in it, and I want a combination of those in a third field like:

UPDATE table SET field3=field1 . '_' . field2

What would be the right syntax for that?

It is MySQL.

Okay that CONCAT Thing worked, is there a function to convert those fields to lowercase?

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For lower case, there is LOWER() or LCASE() –  Seki Aug 30 '12 at 8:09

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It depends on the database management system. In sql server would be:

UPDATE table SET field3 = field1 + '_' + field2

Whereas in Mysql it can be done with:

UPDATE table SET field3 = CONCAT_WS ('_', field1, field2)
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In MySQL you could also do CONCAT(field1, '_', field2) –  Matt Bridges Jul 1 '09 at 14:07
nice, that works, is there also a function to convert the fields to lowercase? –  Flo Jul 1 '09 at 14:17
okay LCASE just does fine, case closed –  Flo Jul 1 '09 at 14:23

In SQL Server:

UPDATE table SET field3 = field1 + '._.' + field2
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