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I've successfully transfered data from a C# and a C++ program using the same class via ZMQ, where the C++ class is the data definition and the compiler luckily masks the byte-array to the class.

How would I do the same thing between say a C# and a Node.js program? I would think they would need some type of Intermediate Data Definition.

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Start by looking at the node-msgpack repository on github... Then install it... npm install msgpack

There's also msgpack-js an all-js implementation that may work better, especially if you're running on windows. npm install msgpack-js

I would suggest being careful of the types used as JS doesn't have a 1:1 relationship to msgpack or the CLI. It should map pretty nicely, though the C# MsgPack API isn't as flexible as say JSON.Net As for transport, you can use pipes/sockets or an MQ system, as you've mentioned ZeroMQ.

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I would think there would need to be an IDL so each given language understands the data type. Is this not true? – EhevuTov Jul 26 '12 at 18:15
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The answer is that you need an IDL that is then compiled to your given languages, unless your languages pack similarly by default, like in C to C++.

If you need a msgpack IDL, see if one is available here or here

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