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I'm going to be specific as possible but i apologize if my question comes off as confusing upfront...

In my access db I have 5 Tables that are related through 'RefNum' which is an auto number, and the range of 'RefNum's are 1-2694 (or 2694 records). I created a report that is two pages. When I create a form to print the report it creates one large PDF that is 5388 pages (2 pages for each record). What I WANT it to do is create a PDF of the report for each record, so each file would be a two page report for each record.

While creating each file I want it to rename the file to one its respected attributes.

Example: each PDF file would be re-named to --> StudentID.Term

So I assumed that I could do this by attaching a macro to the button, but due to my lack of experience I am lost.

Could some one help me out with this macro?

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Using MS Access 2007 or later you can take advantage of the Where argument of OpenReport. Prior to that, you can change the SQL of the query the report is based on, or use a parameter query. Loop through the relevant recordset to get the ID for the Where statement or the parameter.

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