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I have this model:

class IllnessMedication(models.Model):
    ('D', 'Day'),
    ('W', 'Week'),
    ('M', 'Month'),

    (1, 1),
    (2, 2),
    (3, 3),
    (4, 4),

  illness = models.ForeignKey(Illness)
  medication = models.ForeignKey(Medication)
  strength = models.CharField("strength", max_length=25)
  dosage = models.IntegerField("dosage", choices=NUMERIC_CHOICES)

  class Meta:
    db_table = "medication_illness"

class Medication(models.Model):
  value = models.CharField("medication", max_length=50)

  class Meta:
    db_table = "medication"

class Illness(models.Model):
  value = models.CharField("code", max_length=10)
  description = models.CharField("description", max_length=100)

  class Meta:
    db_table = "illness"

I want to display the list view in group by fashion, i.e.

      Strenght1    Dosage1
      Strenght2    Dosage2
      Strenght3    Dosage3

     Strenght1    Dosage1
     Strenght2    Dosage2
     Strenght3    Dosage3

      Strenght1    Dosage1

Is this possible to achieve by tweaking the django admin Model and ModelAdmin using available Django installed options/features/etc or I should expect to commit serious effort to overwrite the change_list.html template?

If the latter is true, please give me some pointers. Muchly appreciated.


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couldn't you just show the medication details on another page. just wondering. – ultrajohn Jun 18 '12 at 17:12
sorry for late response. I can, but still wonder if this is possible. – Nghi Vo Jul 12 '12 at 19:07
Just a hack: what about creating a singleton class that contains all the illness and show the desired information as Inlines? You can use django-admin-singleton – chk Sep 26 '13 at 10:27

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