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In jquery mobile I have a nested list. When the nested list apears the page is not the same as the previous page. The page showing the list "1.html" is: data-theme="a", with a nice header and footer. The nested list looks like data-theme="d", no footer and has a back button - i would prefer a custom button? Is there anyway to fixed this so the nested list page is consistent with its fathers' page? Thanks :-)

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A bug? What version of jQuery Mobile are you using? As of version 1.1.0 the back button in the header is disabled by default. Check out this example http://jquerymobile.com/demos/1.1.0/docs/lists/lists-nested.html

About your second question regarding the buttons, the footer and the themes.

To render a button, all you need to do is to put data-role="button" and for a theme add data-theme="a" to a link like this

<a href="index.html" data-role="button" data-theme="a">Link button</a>

To create the footer you need to place the following inside the page div:

<div data-role="footer">
    <h4>Footer content</h4>
</div><!-- /footer -->

As a demo, here is a page with the theme e applied:

<div data-role="page" data-theme="e">

    <div data-role="header" data-theme="e">
        <h1>Single page</h1>
    </div><!-- /header -->

    <div data-role="content">    
        <p>Some text here</p>
        <a href="index.html" data-role="button">Link button</a>       
    </div><!-- /content -->

    <div data-role="footer" data-theme="e">
        <h4>Footer content</h4>
    </div><!-- /footer -->

</div><!-- /page -->

As a tip, you can look the examples here http://jquerymobile.com/demos/1.1.0/ and study the code by selecting "View Page Source" in your browser. This is the way I am learning JQM now.

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You were right about the version. Upgrading solved partially the problem. Now how do I add my own button to the nested page and change its theme and add a footer? –  user1235223 May 22 '12 at 11:00
I edited my post to answer your second question. If it was helpful can you mark my answer as accepted answer? Thanks! Check out here how to do it stackoverflow.com/faq#howtoask –  erasmospunk May 22 '12 at 15:17
I thank you very much for your help. The partial solution is here on this great website: [link]stackoverflow.com/questions/4891906/…) I still have to figure out to change the page theme of the nested list –  user1235223 May 22 '12 at 21:45
Please see: link –  user1235223 May 22 '12 at 21:53

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