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i have this virtual attribute in a model

def next_birthday
  if self.birthday.nil? == false
    year =
    mmdd = self.birthday.strftime('%m%d')
    year += 1 if mmdd <'%m%d')
    mmdd = '0301' if mmdd == '0229' && !Date.parse("#{year}0101").leap?
    return Date.parse("#{year}#{mmdd}")

I am using the sort_link method of the meta_search gem in order to make an html table sortable. I have a column for next_birthday in an html table which I want to make sortable, too. I would have to write a scope for that but I cannot figure out how to do that for that virtual attribute. Hope somebody can help me.

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Does the meta_search gem require it is a declared scope? Can you not write a finder class method? (which is, semantically anyway, a scope, and the preferred way to implement "scopes" in rails 3). Also, looks like meta_search has been replaced by ransack. – pduey May 22 '12 at 12:33
@pduey yeah, the scope is necessary afaik. But I didn't know that meta_search has been replaced by ransack. I will give it a try now. Thank you :) – cantonic May 24 '12 at 21:10

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