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        <item aA1="aid1" aA2="bid2" aA3="valueA" />
        <item aA1="aid2" aA2="bid1" aA3="valueB" />
        <item aA1="aid3" aA2="bid2" aA3="valueA" />
        <item aA1="aid4" aA2="bid1" aA3="valueA" />
        <item aB1="bid1" aB2="value1" />
        <item aB1="bid2" aB2="value2" />

nodeA/item/@aA2 <-links-> nodeB/item/@aB1

I need to create a XmlNodeList of nodeB/item nodes where the count of linked nodeA/items is greater than 1 and the count of distinct nodeA/item/@aA3 values is greater then 1. (In this sample, it would be nodeB/item[0])

Attempted first half:

XmlNodeList nodeBList = myDoc.DocumentElement.SelectNodes("nodeB/item[count(nodeA/item[@aA2 = current()/@aB1]) > 1]");

Can this be done in XPath? Should it just be done in C#?


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I have created two solutions, one using C# foreach loops and the other using Linq and some C#. – Alan Larimer May 22 '12 at 19:16
could you post them here, please? – Janus Troelsen Oct 12 '12 at 11:21

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