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I've been playing around with the Google Maps/Google directions API. Does anyone have an inkling on how I might be able to find the mid-point along a route, not the geographic midpoint.

Ideally I'd like to find the lat and long values of this midpoint.

Any thoughts? I'm a bit stumped and hoping I may be able to find a suggestion without going crazy trying to find the answer myself.

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You can use the GetPointAtDistance prototype from Gisgraphy. The prototype returns a LatLng for a specified distance along a polyline. The following code:

  1. Define a polyline
  2. Determine the half length of this polyline
  3. Use the prototype to return the midpoint LatLng
  4. Extract Lat and Lng from the midpoint LatLng

var polyline = new google.maps.Polyline({
      path: [ new google.maps.LatLng(..., ...),
              new google.maps.LatLng(..., ...),
              ... ];
    }),                                                                //1.
    midDistanceLength = polyline.getPath().getLength() / 2,            //2.
    midDistanceLatLng = polyline.GetPointAtDistance(midDistanceLength),//3.
    midDistanceLat    = midDistanceLatLng.lat(),                       //4.
    midDistanceLng    = midDistanceLatLng.lng();                       //4.

//The prototype from Gisgraphy:
google.maps.Polygon.prototype.GetPointAtDistance = function(metres) {
  // some awkward special cases
  if (metres == 0) return this.getPath().getAt(0);
  if (metres < 0) return null;
  if (this.getPath().getLength() < 2) return null;
  var dist=0;
  var olddist=0;
  for (var i=1; (i < this.getPath().getLength() && dist < metres); i++) {
    olddist = dist;
    dist += google.maps.geometry.spherical.computeDistanceBetween (
  if (dist < metres) return null;
  var p1= this.getPath().getAt(i-2);
  var p2= this.getPath().getAt(i-1);
  var m = (metres-olddist)/(dist-olddist);
  return new google.maps.LatLng( p1.lat() + (p2.lat()-p1.lat())*m, p1.lng() + (p2.lng()-p1.lng())*m);
google.maps.Polyline.prototype.GetPointAtDistance = google.maps.Polygon.prototype.GetPointAtDistance;
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