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I'd like to be able to create template functions in Sinatra HAML templates that themselves contain haml. Is there any way to do this or something similar? It'd be cool if it could work with markdown too.


def foo(x)
   %h2 something
   %p something about #{x}

%h1 Herp de derp
= foo("mary")
= foo("us")


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Actually, you can do something like this:

# app.rb    

require 'sinatra'
require 'haml'
helpers do
  def foo(name)
    haml = <<-HAML
   Hello, #{name}
    engine = Haml::Engine.new(haml)

get '/' do
  haml :index

# index.haml
= foo 'World'    
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Yup, I found the helper functions too, but again, I want them to be defined in the haml file. Thanks though! –  Adam Fraser May 30 '12 at 11:25

Function is close, what you really need is what's known as a partial. These are predefined templates that you can place inside other views. For instance, you may have a comment partial to display a comment's author, timestamp, content, etc. You can then render this partial for each of the comments on a particular post.

Essentially, you'll end up with the following

# _foo.haml.erb
%h2 somthing
%p= x

# index.haml.erb
%h1 Herp de derp
= render :partial => "foo", :locals => { :x => "mary" }
= render :partial => "foo", :locals => { :x => "us" }
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I'm aware of partials and am using them now to solve the problem, but I was really looking for something I can do within the file here to avoid having lots of files. One potential solution I found was content_for but I've been unable to get it working. –  Adam Fraser May 22 '12 at 11:32

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