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How would I go about querying for only records that are "only leaf nodes" (ie. no children)?

I have tried a query like this:

select *
from TableA tt
where tt.HierarchyId.GetDescendant(null, null) not in 
    Select  t.HierarchyId
    from TableA t

But this still seemed to return some nodes that had children.

I am using the built-in hierarchyid data type (part of ms sqlserver)

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I new I had seen this query before and I have found a scenario where it fails. Have a look at this answer. BTW, The new answer I have provided is pretty much the same as the answer by @AaronBertrand. –  Mikael Eriksson May 22 '12 at 6:54

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SELECT A.HieracrchyId, A.HierarchyId.ToString()
  FROM dbo.TableA AS A 
  ON A.HierarchyId = B.HierarchyId.GetAncestor(1)
  WHERE B.HierarchyId IS NULL;
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