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TortoiseSVN seems to fail to update my working copy when I issue an update command. If I do an update to revision and make sure that fully recursive is selected, then it picks up the changes. Additionally, when I checked out the copy from SVN, fully recursive was selected.

How can I get a normal update to pickup all of the changes?

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This is probably a duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/866835/… – Wim Coenen Jul 1 '09 at 23:56

By default, subversion will not clobber your local changes when you do a normal update -- that is by design. With tortoiseSVN, the best thing to do is "check for modifications" before or after an update. If you don't want your changes, you can do a "revert" before or after the update.

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Looks like it was due to the bug with 1.6.2 - Upgrading to 1.6.3 seems to have fixed the issue.

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