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i download webrtc's source code, but i can't find any libjingle's code at the webrtc , and can't find how webrtc use libjingle (can't find such as XmppTask Class in webrtc's code)

can anyone give me a guide ?

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Libjingle is now part of the WebRTC project and code base. WebRTC is a set of API's that make video, audio, and data interaction simple through a peer-to-peer connection. Where as Libjingle is used as a part of the WebRTC implementation to handle NAT traversal and stream handling.

Libjingle was initially used solely through XMPP to create a point-to-point connection between two chat clients. The technologies used are ICE, STUN, and TURN.

WebRTC has a large focus on Javascript mainly because its core usefulness is using the functionality through a browser. However, WebRTC (with Libjingle), can be built for many platforms and has a number of different APIs in various languages.

Libjingle is written in C++, so can be used by itself without WebRTC. However, I recommend using Libjingle's functionality through the way of the WebRTC APIs.

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These are two separate packages.

WebRTC is the multimedia part only - nothing to do with signaling (which is what XMPP and Jingle are).

libjingle is used to build an application that runs on a device or a PC while WebRTC is designed and targeted at being integrated into HTML pages using a web browser.

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The two aren't mutually exclusive, as I have answered below. There are non-javascript APIs for WebRTC. –  Zack Nov 10 '14 at 21:31

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