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Can we display image inside a text field in html?


What I want to do is to have an editable area, and want to add html objects inside it(i.e. button, image ..etc)

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your question is not clear at all, at least not clear to me...could you clear it a bit –  DemoUser May 22 '12 at 4:00
@Sudhir It's pretty simple... As I understand, Bader just wants to put an image inside a text field (<input>). –  Nathan May 22 '12 at 4:01

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Image in text field:

You can do it with CSS.

Look this example:



.icon {
    background:#FFFFFF url(http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/gakuseisean/ivista-2/16/Start-Menu-Search-icon.png) no-repeat 4px 4px;
    padding:4px 4px 4px 22px;


<input type="text" name="sample" class="icon">​

According to your post edit, maybe this helps.

Editable area with objects inside:


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This is definitely the way to go. –  Joshua May 22 '12 at 4:04
What if I want to have two different images on the same textbox(one on the leftside and the other one on the rightside within the textbox)? –  kumareloaded Dec 19 '14 at 9:59

If you want it using HTML I guess the better way would be to keep the image next to the form element and then using css position:relative property place it inside the text field. Not elegant but works in most cases.

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