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Let's say I have 2 Models; with 1 User : Many Posts relationship. How would I delete all posts of a selected user?


    protected $_has_many = array('posts' => array());


protected $_belongs_to = array(
    'user' => array(
        'foreign_key' => 'author_id',

I tried $user->posts->delete() but it doesn't work.


Just want to add that remove() doesn't actually work for this case, that can only be used for has_many 'through' relationship.

 * @param  string $alias    Alias of the has_many "through" relationship
 * @param  mixed  $far_keys Related model, primary key, or an array of primary keys
 * @return ORM
public function remove($alias, $far_keys = NULL)


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You could try $user->remove('posts');

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That doesn't work. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think remove() can only be used for has_many 'through' relationship. It only removes the relationship from the 'through' table. –  ephemeron May 22 '12 at 6:13
Did you try it? You could read the source of the remove method and check whether it does the thing you want. –  xdazz May 22 '12 at 6:18
Yup I did, pls refer to my edited post. The relationship I mentioned is a has_many without 'through'. –  ephemeron May 22 '12 at 6:31
@ephemeron There isn't through table. –  xdazz May 22 '12 at 6:38
I'm not sure how to phrase it. Basically if I have the following tables: users > user_roles > roles; user->remove('roles') will delete the entries from user_roles(the 'through' table) that connect users to roles. This is different from my case, users > posts. –  ephemeron May 22 '12 at 6:43

Well, I found out that this used to work. Not anymore for Kohana 3.2...


That's the closest I can get to using ORM for what I wanted.

I decided to add my own delete_all to the Model_Post. So i can do this ORM::factory('posts')->delete_all($user_id)

public function delete_all($author_id){
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I've just met the same problem with remove function, it just wasn't made to be used with _has_many relationship, only for has_many through, but It can be easily fixed, I've extended ORM model and used following function instead:

public function remove($alias, $far_keys = NULL)
   $far_keys = ($far_keys instanceof ORM) ? $far_keys->pk() : $far_keys;

   if(NULL !== $this->_has_many[$alias]['through'])
      $table_name = $this->_has_many[$alias]['through'];
      $table_name = ORM::factory($this->_has_many[$alias]['model'])->table_name();

   $query = DB::delete($table_name)
              ->where($this->_has_many[$alias]['foreign_key'], '=', $this->pk());

   if ($far_keys !== NULL)
      // Remove all the relationships in the array
      $query->where($this->_has_many[$alias]['far_key'], 'IN', (array) $far_keys);


   return $this;
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