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I know I can set breakpoints and debug stand-alone IronPython scripts in VisualStudio. However, I have an application which hosts the IronPython engine. If I want to debug a script running in the hosted engine, is there a way to set breakpoints and step through the script? Should I be methods other than ExecuteFile to accomplish this? Basically I would like to attach the debugger to the process, break at ExecuteFile, and then step through the IronPython code.

// engine is the hosted IronPython engine and script is the .py file to execute

EDIT: I believe this is a dupe of Debugging IronPython scripts in hosted (embedded) environment. Wasn't able to find this one before posting my question. Go ahead and close this one.

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Harry Pierson (DevHawk) has a good blog post to get you started with DLR debugging.


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