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I am working building this application on google app engine that goes and gets a person's calendar.

Since I am new to google app engine and OAuth 2.0 this is the flow I've come up with:

  1. Redirect to google accounts and get the authorization_code with scope set to calendars api

  2. Exchange the code for an access_token

  3. Use the token to get the calendar feed.

I have the authorization code but am stuck on step 2. The documentation says "do a post" to get the access token. Is there an API that does this?


Am I doing this right?

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well, i guess "do a post" means http-post...


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Thanks.....okay so I guess i made some progress in this direction today...at this point I have an access token.... but now i have an issue getting the userid of the person loggged in ...everytime i do a request.getUserPrincipal() or UserServiceFactory.getCurrentuser() it returns my own userid and not the user id of the person logged in ... is there I way I could get the user id of the person logged in??? –  Rachit Sood May 23 '12 at 0:22

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